Whether you’re struggling with your infant’s sleep, you feel overwhelmed by your preschooler’s tantrums, your school-age child refuses to get ready in the morning, or your pre-teen or adolescent seems to be out of reach: whatever you’re facing, we can help.

Our individualized Parenting Coaching begins with gathering information specific to your family’s needs. After gathering information about you, your child, and your family, we write a personalized parenting plan tailored specifically toward you and your child. Broadly, we will coach you in how to bring calm to everyday situations, emotionally connect with your child, and communicate while maintaining boundaries.

I work with helping parents to overcome common parenting struggles including power struggles, not listening, sibling rivalry, backtalk, and morning routines, sleep issues, and tantrums. Depending on the situation, I offer two kinds of parenting sessions, often alternating between the two: parenting coaching sessions and parenting practice sessions. 

Coaching is provided at the Higgins Family Center. We typically can include observation and coaching sessions on location (at the park, Recreation Center, or another place that fits the interests of you and your child).

Parenting Coaching Sessions 

In these sessions, I will meet with you, the parent(s), to discuss progress, setbacks, and issues you are facing. Due to the sensitive nature of the topics we discuss, children and adolescents should not be present for parenting coaching sessions. Please find suitable child care during your parenting coaching sessions. Parenting coaching takes place in my office at Higgins Family Center. 

Parenting Practice Sessions 

I will meet with you and your child together during parenting practice sessions. During a parenting practice session, you will interact with your child as you would at home. I offer a variety of toys and games to facilitate this interaction. Like many skills, parenting becomes easier with practice. While observing your interactions, I will sometimes pause to demonstrate a skill or offer encouragement and suggestions. Parenting practice sessions offer real-world experience in practicing the skills you are learning in parenting coaching sessions. Parenting practice sessions often take place in my office, but can also be arranged at an agreed-upon location such as a public park. 

All communications made in session will be held in strict confidence unless you provide written permission to release information about your session

If you are seeking help as part of court-ordered, Division of Child and Family Services, or other requirements, it is your responsibility to verify if individualized Parenting Coaching will fulfill these requirements. We are happy to provide progress updates as well as Certificates of Completion to satisfy your needs.

Coaching is different from therapy. I do not diagnose or treat any mental health or substance abuse disorders.

To schedule a Parenting Coaching session, call or text 435-828-3255.