My Approach

I specialize in meeting the unique needs of children and caregivers in the Uinta Basin by using the latest research and evidence-based techniques to heal childhood trauma through play therapy and support and educate caregivers as they raise their child. Most importantly, I make sure that your voice is heard. As a therapist and caregiving coach, I try to include you, your child, and your child’s other caregivers in our education and practice sessions, even if they are not all in the room.

Professional Experience

In 2005, I completed a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Professional & Technical Writing and Family Studies at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. Later, I received a Master’s of Science degree in Child, Youth, & Family Studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2010. I graduated from Utah State University with a Master’s of Social Work degree in 2023.

During my education, I received specialized training in working with parents to help them build the relationships they want with their children and adolescents and see lasting changes in their behavior. My practical training involved mentoring adults and children in the Ruth Staples Child Development Laboratory in Lincoln, Nebraska, through demonstrating skills and techniques for encouraging desired behaviors and improving relationships, and coaching student teachers as they practiced these skills.wide variety of presenting concerns.  Since completing my training, I have worked as a parenting coach and educator at Higgins Family Center, youth coordinator through USU Extension, and early childhood educator at Utah Family Partnership Network.

I have presented at seminars and professional conferences sponsored by the Utah Association for Education of Young Children and Utah State Extension. I have also taught university undergraduate courses in early childhood discipline and guidance, youth and adult addiction, family violence, early childhood education, and child and youth development.

Christina Higgins CV - 01.31.2018
My Curriculum Vitae