Our Parenting Services

We offer individualized parenting coaching and consultations, parenting classes, supervised visitation, and postpartum doula services to meet the needs of the Uintah Basin.

Parenting Coaching

We serve parents of children birth through adolescence.

Newborn and Infant Care  •  Tantrums  •  Power Struggles  •  Discipline  •  Chores  Morning & Bedtime Routines  •  Whining  •  Listening  •  Sleep Issues

Parenting Classes

We can help you write the instruction manual for your child.

Emotion Coaching  •  Prenatal Development & Birth Options  •  Postpartum  •  Infant and Toddler Development  •  Avoiding Food Fights  •  Preschool Development  •  School-Age Development  • Adolescent Development  •  Raising an Adult